The Ministry of an Evangelist – Part Three

The qualifications of an evangelist are the same as that of any other fivefold minister. They must be of sound character and persons of integrity. They are to be full of the Holy Spirit and power. Philip, the evangelist, was full of the Holy Spirit (Acts 21:8; Acts 6:5).

Evangelists must be sound in doctrine since a large part of their ministry is preaching the Word (2 Timothy 2:15). A fivefold evangelist knows how to preach with authority and power. Many times an evangelist is not one who has lots of notes and points in his message. He simply opens his mouth and preaches Christ. Unlike the teacher who spends hours putting a sermon together with notes and point after point, an evangelist studies but often speaks more from the well within vs. a prepared text. He normally will have a clear sense of where he is headed in his preaching, but it is not laid out as plainly as a teacher’s message would be.

So, an evangelist needs to study to keep his well full so that as he teaches and preaches, he is drawing from a deep well that has revelation from previous weeks of spending time with the Lord. This is simply part of the nature of how their gifts and calling operates. This is part and parcel of their ability to start anywhere at any time and preach Christ and Him crucified.

As with any of the fivefold ministry gifts, a fivefold evangelist must first be affirmed by the leadership team in his local church and serve his local church in modelling evangelism as a life-style. After he has proven himself there, he may be released to the next level of ministry – trans-local.

One of the different aspects of the fivefold evangelist is that the Lord will affirm evangelists by signs and wonders that follow them. These signs and wonders are for setting captives free and for drawing people to Christ (Acts 8:6, 13).

Individuals with a strong emphasis on signs and wonders are often called power evangelists. Signs and wonders are meant to be a tangible expression affirming that God is present desiring to minister to people. When Jesus laid hands on the sick, He often said, “The Kingdom of God is near you.” Signs and wonders bring us to the place where our hearts are separated from reasoning and free to respond to His Lordship because we cannot deny His power at work.

Evangelists with signs and wonders following their ministries need strong moral fibre and character so they do not misuse their anointing. Otherwise they would not be able to fight the temptation of accepting exorbitant favours, gifts, and finances from people served by their ministry. Misusing their anointing can taint them as they get caught in the trappings of ministry instead of purely doing the Lord’s work.


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