The Lost Art

Journaling appears to be almost lost in the life of believers and the Church. Few believers take the time to journal their spiritual journey and biblical insights on a daily basis. Prayer journals are becoming as scarce as hair on a frog. It seems that we are too busy, too concerned that someone will read our journals, not sure what to record, don’t care to, or maybe simply don’t understand the benefit of journaling on a daily basis.

Daily journaling remind us that our walk with God is a daily experience that can be chronicled and measured. You can see by reading back a few weeks or months how your relationship is developing and growing (or not) and make adjustments where needed. It is an excellent tool by which to measure your spiritual growth and the increasing depth (or lack of it) of your relationship with God.

It slows us down in the morning as we stop at the start of the day to reflect on life and our relationship with the Lord. Setting our minds and hearts on the supernatural before the natural floods our minds and lives is a good thing. Spiritual before physical; stilling our hearts before we seriously stimulate the mind; being still before God before becoming overly active before man. Especially important if you want to gain God’s perspective of your day.

It helps you to respond to life honestly. As you record thoughts and feelings, situations and circumstances you begin to find the rhythm in your life, the stream of thoughts and feelings flowing underneath the activities and situations you are facing. As a result you are able to see things in context, feel things within a context, and thus respond more adequately to what is actually taking place.

Journaling helps you to reflect on the meaning of your life experiences, and to be specific in your requests to God. An unexamined life is not worth living someone once said. I agree! And so we need to both take time to reflect, as believers, on the greater meaning and significance of life as you are living it. Then you can pray more specifically and receive guidance and direction that is less general and more targeted as God shows you things in your heart and mind. Mid-course directional changes are better than deathbed regrets.

You can look back in your journal and see the progress you are making. Ah! And it is so good to see how things are developing. Because you live with yourself every day you often miss the growth and development that is ongoing and marvellous. Like having a puppy – you don’t realize how big they are growing. But, those who only see the dog once a month will. So, if you don’t journal you will be unaware of your growth or lack of it. And that is never good.

Journaling helps you to build momentum – and without journaling you lose momentum. Seeing how you are growing and developing in your Christian walk is encouraging and motivating and helps you not to become discouraged and thus lose momentum.

I am sold on journaling. I don’t have the time – I make the time. I fear others may find it and read my thoughts – some have (that’s their problem). It takes discipline and I don’t always like discipline but I impose this discipline upon myself because I have, over the years, seen the immense benefit of this daily task. You can journal in a note book, in a binder on loose leaf, in your computer (on-line journaling programs are available free), or even on line (called a web log or blog). You are reading my public journal – the rest is private and none of your business. 🙂

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