The Least, The Lost, and The Last

If you want to find out what Jesus is doing today then look for the least, the lost and the last. That is more than a fancy slogan for some ministry that is out to take money out of your pocket. It is a memorable expression of the Gospel that we believe.

Jesus walked among the least of His day. He fellowshipped with the ordinary. Martha, Mary, and Lazarus would be an example of this. He attracted ordinary people who knew they were spiritually empty and in need of something or Someone. The multitudes that followed Him consisted of the least. His dinner party was interrupted by a prostitute who wanted to anoint Him and thus honour Him and express her love for Him. Another one of the least.

Jesus came to seek and save the lost. Especially those who knew they were lost in life and in need of a Saviour who would do more than save them from their sins. They were looking for hope, direction, and acceptance. They found al three in Jesus. They had lost hope and Jesus gave them their hope back. He gave them fresh direction by speaking of a Kingdom that was not of this world but was in this world. He accepted each and everyone for who they were and just as they were. He did no0t demand that they change first. In time and when the time was right He would help them to change.

Jesus served and saved the last. Often we look at the front of the parade and want to work with the leaders and see them come into the Kingdom. Artful, they have so much that they could offer the Kingdom and the Church. But, at the back of the parade there are the last. Those who no one notices or pays attention to. However, this is where you will find Jesus. And those who follow Jesus. He always stops for the one and love even the last in line.

It’s time that we, as disciples of Jesus, examine our life and see if we relate to and touch the lives of the least, the lost and the last. Or do we simply spent the majority of our spare time with those who are like us and believe what we believe. Are we touching lives or simply loving those who will love us back? Are we responding to the challenge of the Holy Spirit and reaching outside our comfortable circle of friends to touch the lives of those who are different than we are? Have you recently thought about touching the lives of the least, the lost, and the last?

Our personal intimate relationship with Jesus (being born again and receiving the gift of eternal life – see John 17:3) is suppose to lead to influencing others with His love and thus impacting our community. Intimacy leads to influence and impact. True if and only if we stop for the least, the lost, and the last.

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