The Joel Generation

I like what Dave Gibbons stated recently in a magazine article: “I believe this is a Joel 2 generation what will see an incredible unleashing of supernatural power as the Church advances and people are transformed…I see a growing movement of the Holy Spirit that is gentle and deferential, focused not on a persuasive leader yet nonetheless miraculous. The Spirit knows what the Church needs, and I believe we will see…greater demonstrations of healing and prophetic words and gifts of knowledge. This is the generation in which the beauty of God will be unleashed through this new wave of visionaries and dreamers.”Outreach Magazine – January/February 2010 Global Perspective by Dave Gibbons

For a number of years now (probably 20 years) I have heard prophetic words about a Joel Generation. All of them sound similar in detail and outcome. They are often referred to as the Joshua Generation as well because they will “take the land.” There have been, of course, several words over the years about the Benjamin Generation that will be rising up as well. Good words. Solid prophetic indicators from the Lord about what He was and is planning and what is acutally currently beginning now to take place.

For these “generations” to rise up and take their rightful place in the Kingdom and the Church and fulfill the call of God and His plans and purpose for each of them I believe two main things have to happen.

First, those who have received a prophetic indication that they are called to be part of these end time “generations” which have specific tasks to fulfill at certain key stragetic times must step up to the plate. Most are not even in the ball game. Many are living in sin, know it and apparently don’t care. Some are not even active in a local church. They go to special meetings and hear a prophetic word calling them to do something for the Lord or letting them know they are called to be an apostle, prophet, or five-fold evangelist…and they do absolutely nothing about the word. Of course, as a result, nothing happens regarding what was declared – their potential, their possibilities – and things return to normal. I see it happen over and over again, in nation after nation.

These young people need to take some initiative; they need to start reading and researching, coming to understand more about what the Lord is doing today; they need to become involved in an alive church that will encourage their calling and their gifts even if it means leaving the “family church” they now attend. They need to seek out people who will disciple them in the basics of the faith. As well, they need to find older men with the same calling on their lives and ask these seasoned veterans to mentor them. They need to initiate regular contact with these mentors and even pay for the coffee or the meal. Afterall, it is their prophetic word and they need to become active and involved in seeing it come to pass. It is their responsibility. They need to take responsibility for what they have heard and do everything possible to see that word from the Lord come to pass. In other words – get off your butt and become involved and responsible.

Secondly, those who are already in the ministry and moving with the Spirit of God need to make themselves available to mentor those of the younger generation. This is a very time consuming commitment (I currently mentor 6 people meeting with each of them individually twice monthly) and means opening up your life and ministry for others to become closely involved and active with you. Mentoring is more than transferring information – it is a sharing of life and ministry together. That’s a commitment.

Today there are many who declare themselves five-fold ministers who are not mentoring and equipping the next generations. This means they are not fulfilling the call of God on their lives – as all five-fold ministers are called to reproduce themselves and thus be equipping and mentoring others. Again, time for the leaders to open up their lives to the younger generations and get involved. Time to get backside off the office chair. Time to stop making excuses and to stop worrying about your ministry and your reputation and your income and your… It is not about you and your comfort. It is about serving faithfully and fully.

So, it is good to hear these prophetic words about the Joel (Benjamin, Joshua) generation. But much is being demanded of this generation and, in general, they are falling short of their resposibilities in these things. And, much is being asked of the older generation who think (and often rightly so) that they should be slowing down and doing less as they get older. However, as the devil took out the 35 to 50 generation back a decade ago it has fallen on the shoulders of the older workhorses to stay in the harness and continue to equip and mentor those who are willing to become involved.

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