The Heart of the Apostle

An apostle has a deep and intimate relationship with Jesus. Someone who knows God – the heart of God and the plans of God and thus is passionate regarding the purpose of God to seek and save the lost. The apostle walks in the “Spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ” (Ephesians 1:17) and receives revelation – new understanding of old truths – and expresses them in relevant and practical ways in the teaching of God’s Word. The apostle is also highly prophetic and moves in all of the revelatory gifts – Prophecy, Word of Wisdom, Word of Knowledge, and Discerning of Spirits.

The apostle’s whole life is deeply rooted in a healthy fear of the Lord. He is passionate about the Lord and His Church but also focused on the expansion of the Kingdom through the planting of new churches. He is therefore serious about soul winning and is an aggressive evangelistic force that overcomes obstacles others would simply be discouraged by. As a result an apostle is working to fulfill a Kingdom agenda and not their own personal agenda. His ultimate goal is to prepare the way for the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Because of the extreme passion for the Lord and the focused lifestyle an apostle leads they are often seen as unbalanced. They certainly fly in the face of the generally accepted teaching of ‘living a balanced life’ taught in many areas of the Kingdom today. When you examine the life and ministry of the early apostles their lives were seriously anything but balanced – and were, in fact, extremely focused and dedicated to their calling. They were totally sold out to the task at hand – of bringing the Gospel of the Kingdom to every people group – so that the Gospel of the Kingdom became a spiritual influence in every society, race, culture, and language group in the then known world. The same is true today – apostles are not known to lead or live either a balanced or a comfortable lifestyle.

As I minister prophetically I often call out young people and speak the Word of the Lord over their life – that they are called to be an apostle. Of course, this is just an announcement of God’s plan and purpose and the first very small step towards them actually fulfilling that call. They are now at the start of a decade or more of intense character development and serious training, equipping, and mentoring. However, in the Word being given there is often the phrase – “you will travel the nations and feel like you don’t have a real home – always remember, My heart is your home.” This is so true for any true apostle of the Lord today. For this reason – intimacy is the key both for a dynamic spiritual life but also for a powerful ministry.

The apostle is certainly a different breed of minister today – but an essential one for the Church to become all that the Lord designed her to be. They are being added back to the Church and becoming part of the leadership mix of many local churches so that the Church is being built upon a correct biblical foundation and can fulfill the divine call upon her to literally take the Gospel to the seven billion people living on the planet called Earth.

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