The Hard Part

I have now been in The Church of Jesus Christ here in Russia – the city of Lysva – for four days. I have heard much during all the meetings; I have sensed issued and foundational weakness in many things; I have seen (discerning of spirits) things as God sees them. There is much that needs to be discussed. The team met where I am staying and ate a late supper together and managed to sort through some things. But, Monday morning at 10:00 I meet with the local leadership team and they will be asking me what I saw, sensed, and know. I will need to word things carefully and watch reactions…

If things don’t change this church of 100+ will, at worse, cease to exist and, at best, have a church split (a third one in its short 24 year history. There is much that needs to be spoken of and many changes needed. And, as always, people are not always ready and willing to receive input and begin the process of change and improvement. It is going to be a very difficult first two hours as I am on my own to express things. Then at noon the team will join me and we will fellowship and discuss even more (there is unity in my team as to what needs to be said). Maybe if the key leader hears it from three or four of us it will sink in and be received. maybe! But people are somewhat unpredictable.

Then, after these two meetings (3:00p) we head to Tagil where I started this trip ministering 10 days ago. We will arrive at 7:00p and then some of us are going to an all-night shopping plaza to look around and see what it is like. Just trying not to sit and talk “business” really. maybe we can find some North American type ice cream and a good cup of coffee. Then a sleep and into the city of Yekenterinburg on Tuesday morning. I minister twice on Tuesday and three times on Wednesday before getting on an early flight from there to Moscow… the first of four flights on Thursday.

Please continue to pray – still much work to do and some of it is vitally important to the life of several churches and to the ministry of several team members whom I am also mentoring. Thanks for being a vital part of what is happening here.

Picture: Young man named Slava who received a powerful prophetic word from the Lord and whom I will be mentoring as he grows into what the Lord wants him to do in the Kingdom

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