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Guest blogger – Bill Lewis (Ralph’s mentor)

Sacrificing our Children on the Altar of Pluralism and Tolerance

It is time to pay attention, actually, way past time to pay attention. Our children, our society, we, the people are being bombarded with the homosexual agenda. We are watching TV where every show now, at some time, will feature a homosexual is an appealing role. The media flaunts the issues and readily brands anyone opposed as a bigot. Christians, who stand on the moral ground of Biblical truth, are portrayed horribly and blamed for the ills of society. Christians are painted as out of touch with reality.

The gay movement speaks strongly of “rights.” They seek to compare themselves to the modern civil rights movement. However, Christians, by and large, were the supporters and advocates for racial equality because of a Biblical stance as to the dignity of man and God’s creation. Now Christians who are Biblically motivated stand against homosexuality for the same reason. God has not condoned it in his word. It is contrary to the natural order of creation. He created them male and female.

While we hold to loving the person, we cannot and should not condone all actions. Today, we do not burn our babies in worship of Moloch and Baal, but we sacrifice them on the altars of Pluralism and Tolerance. When we sacrifice them, they end up with no back bone or moral compass. They are rudderless waifs swallowing hard the message of tolerance while hating those who oppose them. They drink of pluralism, but will prosecute the ones who will not imbibe of their sin and persuasion.

Defense of marriage is more than marriage. It is the defense of family, family trees, inheritance, civil society. All are at stake. While a minority wants to justify actions and lifestyles that are contrary to God’s word, we are watching the internal destruction of a nation.

The root cause: Romans chapter one lets us know that when a people forsake God, they are given over to such actions and issues that we see today. I question whether the Supreme Court has enough moral and judicial fortitude to stem the tide. The executive branch has certainly capitulated and numerous ones in congress are falling to the whims of wealthy supporters of immorality.

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