The Goals of the Fivefold Minister – Part Three

Another task of the fivefold minister is to bring CONFORMATION to the Body of Christ.

Jesus was faced with just about every situation known to man, and He was able to deal with these issues in a redemptive way. Fivefold ministers help believers become conformed to Christ, so they begin to grasp how to handle life circumstances and situations in a manner that will build the Kingdom. Fivefold ministers have the ability to speak in a way that brings the Lord’s conviction to us, as believers, exposing areas in our lives where we are not conformed to the One who made us. They do it in a way that encourages us and causes us to desire change. Christ’s desire and goal is that we all are conformed to Him.

Sometimes people never reach their full potential because they refuse to deal with issues in their lives. Take Moses for an example. Did Moses fulfill his God-given destiny? No! Although he was ordained of the Lord to take the children of Israel into the promised land, he was unable to do so because he refused to deal with anger in his life. He was only allowed to look into the promised land from the mountain; he was not able to fulfill his God-given call. God tried to deal with his anger on a number of occasions, even taking him away for 40 years to the desert. Even so, Moses’ anger remained an area in which he struggled and refused to completely relinquish to God. He didn’t lose favour with God, but he certainly didn’t fulfill all that the Lord had planned for him to do.

Our sin usually does not keep the Lord from using us. Sin is not hard for the Lord to deal with. In fact, He dealt with our sin once and for all on the cross. The thing that most hinders us from fulfilling our destiny in God is our own unwillingness to deal with the issues in our lives – if you will – our independence. Instead of allowing the Lord to come into our lives and facing our sin head-on, we hold Him at arm’s length hoping that we can fix it ourselves. “After all, this little sin will not keep me out of heaven,” we tell ourselves.

As one man once said, “We pay doctors hundreds of dollars to tell us what’s wrong, but we go to God ad say, ‘Just tell me everything’s going to be all right.’”

Fivefold ministers help us to deal with those things in our hearts that hold us back, so our hearts turn afresh to the Lord. They help us to reach a new level of maturity, as we conform to Christ, so we can become fully equipped to handle any situation in life and in our ministry.

So, another task of the fivefold minister is to bring CONFORMATION to the Body of Christ.

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