The Goals of the Fivefold Minister – Part Four

We are looking at the tasks of the fivefold ministry. Today, let’s first look at the ministry of “RECONCILIATION to the Word.”

A fivefold minister is not just concerned with your salvation, he is concerned that you obtain your full potential in God. And the only way that you will realize your potential is by being conformed to the Word. Fivefold ministers ground us in the Word so that we are not tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine. The Word of the Lord is their plumb line, and they minister from that base of authority. They desire not only that we would be conformed to Jesus but that the Word of God be formed in us, so that the situation and circumstances in life do not spin us out of control.

Their goal is that we are grounded in the Word, ready to speak against every false doctrine, not easily fooled by cunning demonic or fleshly thoughts or ideas, growing and maturing in our relationship with Jesus and each other. For a fivefold minister, there is never a question whether the Word is relevant. It is as relevant today as it was the day it was written. The fivefold minister’s desire is that the Word would take preeminence in our lives and that our lives would be reconciled to the Word and the Author of it.

Fivefold ministers are able to teach and preach with authority. They know who they are in Christ, and they know and understand the Word of God. They know the authority of the Word of God and are able to stand on it allowing the Word to speak for itself. Their goal is to bring the Church to maturity because a mature Church is a strong Church.

Another task of the fivefold minister is PREPARATION.

Fivefold ministers have the goal of bringing us to the “measure of the stature which belongs to the fullness of Christ.” Their goal is to prepare us for ministry. To equip us. When fivefold ministers contribute their gifts, believers receive an impartation so each one can be better equipped to fulfill God’s call on his or her life.

The heart and desire of the fivefold minister is to expand the ministry of others. When they are ministering and see that the people are being changed and transformed, they become excited, even ecstatic. As a fivefold minister, my greatest desire is that people would grasp the same revelations that the Lord has given to me. When people grab hold of the revelation I am pumped spiritually. Fivefold ministers love to see people growing and maturing in the Lord. It is what makes them tick. We want to see ourselves multiplied.

Jesus was excited to leave Earth because He knew that the Comforter (the Holy Spirit) would come and reside in the hearts and lives of men multiplying His ministry. A fivefold minister’s desire is to see others growing up into their full potential prepared for life and all the circumstances that come their way. Jesus was never shaken by life circumstances but used every circumstance in life as an opportunity to minister God’s heart and bring about change. And, so can we are we are prepared for life by the fivefold ministers God has placed in our church and life.

This is also the desire of every fivefold minister.

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