The Goals of the Fivefold Minister – Part Five

We are looking at the goals of a fivefold ministry team. Today we are looking at the last two goals of a fivefold minister.

A fivefold minister is a CATALYST. A fivefold minister has no desire to do all the ministry himself. His desire is to see others trained and equipped and released for the work of ministry. He enjoys watching others growing in God. He thrives on preparing others so that they, too, are able to minister to those around them on a daily basis. Fivefold ministers have a passion to see individuals take the Gospel of the Kingdom to the people. Their goal is not just to draw people around them, but to equip people who are around them and send them out into their own local communities and neighbourhoods to minister to their family, friends, neighbours and people in their workplace.

A fivefold minister is not out to build his own ministry; he wants to build the Body of Christ, equipping the saints for the work of the ministry. In so doing, his ministry will be built, and he will experience the opportunity of being a catalyst in the lives of others.

And, lastly, fivefold ministers MODEL MINISTRY.

Sometimes fivefold ministers think they have grown beyond actually doing ministry and now they should just be involved in equipping or training others for ministry. Although fivefold ministers have to job of equipping the saints for ministry, they also continue to model ministry themselves. For example, evangelists should not be content to tell other people, in the local church setting, how to evangelize; they should also be actively involved in bringing people to Jesus in their day-to-day life. In this way, they are modelling evangelistic ministry.

We normally think of the fivefold gifts as ones to be used to help believers, but fivefold ministers who model ministry in their daily lives will reach out to nonbelievers with their gifts. When you really think about it, wouldn’t it be more important to tell the nonbeliever who sits beside us on an airplane what God has to say to him (prophesy over him) than the person in the church who hears God on a regular basis?

God gave us these gifts to bring others into the Kingdom. Fivefold ministers should be actively using their gifts to minister to those who do not know Him. Modelling ministry is just as important as teaching methodology or theology. Jesus not only taught His disciples what to do, He showed them how to do it.

We will continue to look at specific tasks of each other fivefold ministers – tasks unique to them as individuals within the fivefold ministry team starting tomorrow and on through the next few weeks…

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