The Fun of Ministering

It is early Saturday morning – 4:00a to be exact – and I am up and on my way at 4:45a to the airport. I am flying international this morning – Canada to the United States – and thus need to be at the airport 2 hours ahead of the 7:00a flight. On my way to Minneapolis and then on to Columbus, Ohio. There I will be picked up by another apostle as we head to Butler, Ohio. Several hours of driving I am told. I will arrive at my destination 13 hours after leaving home.

Saturday night is a night for fellowship as I stay with my host for the weekend. I have met his family before and had several great meals with them over the last three years of traveling to and being involved in an Apostolic Roundtable. This time will be no different. This apostle leads a local church here in Butler – he is rebuilding it after a time of serious struggle and decline. Tomorrow morning we will be celebrating a special baptism – his son has recently had a serious encounter with God while in Haiti and is going to be baptized at the morning service. Then, I am ministering the Word of the Lord for that congregation – preaching and prophesying.

Sunday afternoon when we should be driving to Toledo, Ohio for the fellowship night with the other 6 apostles who will be attending this smaller meeting of leading apostles we will be staying in Butler for an amazing family celebration of this young man’s baptism. This family knows how to celebrate. Then early Monday morning the trip over to Toledo to the meetings – Monday and Tuesday. Then home late Tuesday night – 2 flights.

We have already received several impactful and very well researched and written study papers that continue the same line of discussion we pursued the last time we met as a larger group of almost 30. This time we are believing that we will nail things down and come out of the meetings with the mind of Christ concerning the issues we have been discussing. Please pray that we will be guided and directed in our deliberations. And pray for safe travel for all those involved.

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