The Fourth Step Of Effective Outreach

We are looking at one way of reaching out effectively to those who are close to us – family, friends, work associates. We have been looking at the word ‘faith’ using the letters to head up our outline for this short series of teaching blogs.
F = Find someone to talk to. God is giving you opportuneness daily to touch lives with His love
A = Assume that they like you. To do this you must first like you and then give others opportunity to come to know and like you
I = Initiate conversation freely, frequently, and naturally. Be authentic – people can quickly spot a phoney

The “T” in the word ‘faith’ stands for “transition the talk to Jesus.” I had a mentor for many years who taught me how to do this. He also said that if you have not done this in the first 20 minutes of a conversation you won’t manage to do it no matter how long you continue to talk with the person. I have found this to be true now over many, many years.

To move the conversation towards Jesus you need to realize that outreach is not an argument, it is a conversation that always ends in an invitation. In sharing our faith it is important to remember that we are called to be witnesses, not prosecuting attorneys. We are witnesses to what Jesus has done for us and what He has done for the whole world through His birth, life, death, resurrection, and ascension. Sharing Jesus with people involves sharing His grace and truth with them. Compassionate conversation often creates a place where people del free to share their challenges, their struggles, and their needs. These become opportunities not only to share Christ, but to practice His ways of love, concern, and healing in serving.

This step means we are focusing on Jesus as He is the only genuine focus of Christian outreach. We are simply witnesses to Him and to what He has done for us and for the whole world. The most essential part of that kind of conversation is not found in your eloquence, but rather in our sincerity and passion.

Of course, you will need to be able to present the Gospel of the Kingdom in a number of ways. Then you have more than one canned or packaged method of sharing the good news. I learned a new one (I have over 20 ways to present the Gospel) the other day. Let me share it (it is not mine originally but I am adopting it)…
Jesus says:
I’m going to leave my place
I’m going to come to your place
I’m going to take your place
And then we are going to go back to my place!

Tht’s great isn’t it. It is so simple and easy to remember. It is clear and avoids all the religious Christianese we often use to explain the good news. You can use it with any person regardless of their age. I have found that the simplest ways of sharing Christ are always the best way. An entire conversation about the gospel can be wrapped around those four simple statements.

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