The First Step of Effective Outreach

To reach out effectively today we need to remember five things. They can be formed into an acrostic for the word “faith” with each point beginning with the letters in the word. This is good because it reminds us that to be an effective witness we need to step out in faith and simply obey the command of the Lord Jesus to “go into all the world and make disciples…”

The “F” stands for – FIND SOMEONE

The first step of effective outreach, both personally and as a church community, is about seeing the opportunities of outreach all around us. We simply need to find someone in our lives to engage in conversation each and every day. This conversation should be about Christ. To do this we need to slow down our pace and make the time to see the opportunities that the Lord is giving to us and that the Holy Spirit has prepared for us.

As we slow our busy schedules and minds enough to see – really see – the people God has placed around us, we soon find that there are so many of them: people at work, people at school, at stores where we shop, in our families, in our neighbourhoods and so many other places – people who need Jesus. But for God to notice people, the people of God may simply need to notice them. Developing this kind of compassionate eye-sight that Jesus had involves praying for these people and asking God to open our eyes and hearts more fully to their needs.

Remember: Talk to God about them before you talk to them about God.

Remember: They don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

Effective outreach always starts with slowing down and seeing the people around us who need to be reached for Christ. Then our prayers and our faith have a focus. Each day find that certain someone who you can share the love of God with. They are there waiting for you.

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