The Family of Grace and Truth

Yesterday was a great day as I got to worship with my church family here at The Sanctuary. This is something I value highly and miss when I am unable to be with you on a Sunday. It is not the worship I miss when away because I worship personally every morning and when traveling I am sometimes in three to four services a day all involving worship. It is the family I miss as you are important and precious to me. You are well – like family!
Here where I worship, God by His grace, has brought together a great group of diverse people who form one family in Him. By grace each one of us has been saved and have the assurance of His love.  We are, by grace, members of the body of Christ and connected to each other. We belong together as Paul reminds us in 1 Corinthians 12 where the Holy Spirit states that each member is placed in the body (the church) by God.

In other words, we don’t decide who our family is going to be and where we are going to be connected – God does. He knows where we need to belong and who will be best to help us on our journey of faith and then, by grace, He grafts us into the right local church so we can grow and prosper spiritually. They are our family and we belong there.

Here we have people who will speak into our life if we will let them. Here people are to speak the truth in love (Ephesians 4:15) so that we can actually grow up and grow mature as disciples – in areas of character, relationships, and ministry. We are to be connected to the other members of the body so that they can help us and see that the truth we are hearing is actually being applied in our life. We can be accountable and responsible and we all know that without this we simply never mature in our Christian walk.

Just as Jesus is “full of grace and truth” so must His Church be. After all, He is the Head of the Body of Christ and so we, as members of the Body of Christ, must allow His grace and truth to be a part of our life together as the church. Because of this I know I will receive the love, support and encouragement I need through other members of The Sanctuary. I will receive grace and hear truth. It is wonderful and very freeing. For this reason and many others I always love to worship with my family on Sundays.

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