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There is so much teaching available today for those who are followers of Jesus. New books are published almost daily. There are podcasts, web sites, texts, Tweets, blogs … and the list goes on. A lot of the information is “fluff and puff.”  Some is decently researched and contains good, biblically balanced material and relevant information.

However, just as often the material is heretical or simply someone’s current pet topic being presented and not well researched nor presented in a balanced manner. One can even wonder if some people just put material out there to help keep their name in the public eye or to bring in income to grease their ever-increasing ministry machine. Topics, of course, are wide-ranging and often have nothing to do with the real Church that Jesus is building or the expansion of the Kingdom.

This is regretful as God does have an emphasis or focus currently in His Kingdom. He always does. And, it is often the less known and smaller ministries that preach and teach on the current focus. The ones without the podcasts, books, television presence, or a large staff.

The reason for this is that often the current emphasis is not popular and will not open doors to big conferences and large honorariums. To be on the speaking circuit of the big conferences you need to have a big church or a well-known ministry and teach on topics that let people know all the rights and blessings they have because they follow Jesus. There are exceptions – but they are few.

What God is saying is often not popular and requires us to examine ourselves and dig deep into heart issues. Not to mention, make a serious commitment to what He is doing… and it is always something that will cause us to be less comfortable and secure. It usually deals with responsibilities and obligations and not inherent blessings and things we wrongly think God must do for us because we are an entitled generation.

Currently in the Kingdom and in His Church Jesus is emphasizing the need to be baptized in the Holy Spirit so as to receive the power needed to be a witness for Him. Not “do” witnessing, but to be a witness as we live life as disciples 24/7. This includes moving in the nine supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit so as to show the world that Jesus is alive and thus put God on public display as we fully proclaim the Gospel (1 Corinthians 2:4-5; Romans 15:18-19).

He is wanting a supernatural Church which sees its members going into all their world, winning the lost, discipling the new believers, and planting churches as the lost are gathered into house churches in local neighbourhoods. He is activating the priesthood of all believers and destroying the religious clergy-laity divide which has never been biblical.

None of this is new. But, in almost all cases, it has been neglected and thus lost from sight … even in those churches which declare that they are “Spirit-filled.” Around the world I witness powerless churches which were born in the fires of the supernatural and now are simply playing and living in the ashes of that fire. It is time to go back to the basics and back to the Bible and, like Jesus, “be about our Father’s business.” It is time to be supernatural and actually live like new creatures in Christ (2 Corinthians 5:17).

This is true – regardless of the personal cost to the believer or the cost to the local church. Either we are following Jesus and becoming fishers of men (Matthew 4:19) or we are simply deceiving ourselves believing that everything is good when It is not.


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