The Emphasis Today in the Church Jesus Is Building – Part Eight

We have been looking at the emphasis in the Church that Jesus is building. These are some of the things that will be the key to be aware of and to focus on in 2013 and beyond. Today, the last of the 8 that I am planning to mention and comment on.

Jesus, the Head of the Church and the One building His Church is calling the youth (16 to 36+) to become seriously sold out. This is beyond committed and involves actually being willing to die for Him. He is asking the youth to rise up and respond to the call to take the Gospel of the Kingdom to every nation and people group regardless of the cost or the hardship. So, committed totally to Him and then to actually make His cause their cause. And, worldwide, they are responding to the move of the Holy Spirit and responding to this call – seeking to obey and do what He is calling them to do.

Acts 1:8 talks about the Baptism in the Holy Spirit when the Spirit comes upon people empowering and enabling them to be witnesses for Him. The word ‘witness’ in the Greek (the original language of the New Testament) is the root word for ‘martyr.’ Jesus, right from the start of His Church, has called true disciples to be willing, if necessary, to be martyrs for Him and the message of the Gospel of the Kingdom.

These young people are seeking mentors – fathers in the faith. They need older, more mature believers who will lead them and guide them. They desperately need to be discipled, trained, equipped and mentored. They need to know so much but also need to see how mature men live out their faith walking in the presence of the Lord and ministering in power. Regretfully, there are few willing to help them as this work does not pay the bills, is seldom front and center and thus not noticed, is somewhat thankless, and is often very time consuming and even difficult at times. I believe God is speaking to many mature believers but that so far many are not responding to that prompting in their spirit. This will need to change.

These young people who are responding to the call and the current focus in the Church that Jesus is building are already beginning to disciple those younger than themselves. They understand that those younger then them (both in age and in the Lord) need to be mentored and they are responding and beginning to rise to the serious challenge of imparting life, knowledge, and wisdom to the next generation (those under 16). They have caught the vision of how it works and so the Church has a tremendously bright future and is facing a great opportunity to actually touch the entire human race with the message of the Kingdom.

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