The City of Inozemtsevo

We hope to be driving through the mountain – but the fog at this point in time (6:00a) is so thick you can’t see out of the window in the room where I am staying. Time will tell. We are suppose to leave in an hour. We are moving from Mineralny Vody – the city where we have been ministering for two day – to the city of Inozemtsevo. I don’t believe that I have ministered here before. Last year when here I did minister in several cities but this country, the leaders who were our hosts, the people, everything was so new to me that I did not even try to know what place I was in or what place we were going to. This trip I am “more comfortable” and trying to learn more of the geography, how to pronounce the names of the cities, a little history of each city (some are over 1,000 years old) and even learn more Russian.

Speaking of learning Russian – I have picked up a few more words and certainly understand much more than I can speak. When you worship for hours every day and it is all in Russian – with the help of Miroslav who travels with me I have learned what most of the words are in English to most of their songs. Repetition is good. Sitting on my desk in my home office is a offer to purchase RosettaStone which is a language-learning program available for the Russian language. As soon as I can save up the close to $700.00 needed to purchase it I am planning to do just that so that I can learn the language faster and thus speak more freely with people. I am sure it will always be easier to preach and teach with an interpreter but it would be good to be able to carry on simple meal-time conversations in Russian and to be able to go to a local “store” and buy a Diet Pepsi without a shadow along to speak on my behalf.

We have only one day here in Inozemtsevo and so will be ministering to local church leaders and not at a public service. The teachings will be focused on the leadership level of the Church and be dealing with prophetic evangelism and team ministry … and, of course, they are going to be open to receiving prophetic words individually and as a local church. We will try to meet all of their expectations as we believe it is also what God wants us to do in this city.

Our hope and prayer is that in each city during this trip (7 in total) we will leave a deposit of grace and power. We believe – and have seen from past expereince – that when we leave there is a deposit that has been made in each local church or leadership group. They receive something more than teachings and material – more than another prophetic word or even their first prophetic word. More than encouragement and fellowship. They are moved to a higher level of anointing and power; their prophetic gifting increases and becomes more powerful; they have a deeper understanding of God’s will for their area.

So, it is more than simply words spoken and written and relationships forged as important as all of this is. There is a change in the spirit realm as a result of the work God is doing while we are working in each city in His Name.

Late tonight we move on to our last stop in this area of the Cacausus – the city of Tikhoretsk. This will be a five hour drive with a midnight arrival. Here we will actually spend three days before driving back to Mineralny Vody and flying back to Moscow to then drive to our last city where we will minister for three and a half days before returning to Ukraine and Canada.

Again – we covet your prayers and continued support for this ministry we are undertaking in this wonderful nation of Russia.

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