The Church That Jesus Is Building – Part Thirteen

I want to continue the series I have been researching and writing … We are looking at THE REINVENTION OF CHURCH…. so that we can be part of the Church that Jesus is building. We are examining the two aspects of life in the Church – Celebrations and Cells. For the sake of this discussion we are calling the “cells” Life Transformation groups….

We began to look at the benefits of small accountability groups yesterday… and saw:
1> Greater participation

So, today … let’s continue:

2> A place of life transformation and accountability

You come to know and trust others you are relating to because it is a small group and so you can live out a healthy and loving accountability with each other
Learning new Kingdom values from one another
Helping each other to live out this Christian lifestyle
Speaking in to one another’s lives…

“An analysis of the Western Church shows that the CELEBRATION is almost totally ineffective at changing basic values and lifestyles. Many Christians demonstrably end up with the same lifestyle of the not-yet-Christians around them, becoming indistinguishable from society and losing their prophetic edge. Small, informal meetings provide a far more effective place for the radical transformation of values and reordering of life, offering mutual accountability as well.”

We become a sub-culture as compared to a counterculture

3> Persecution-Proof

If the time comes when the born again church in North America is openly persecuted we can continue without being noticed – – Persecution-proof or at least persecution-resistant

The tradition church with only the weekly CELEBRATION will not be able to adapt and will simply disappear or come under the control of the government

4> Part of “normal” life

It is natural and normal today to meet for coffee with one or two others and simply share what is happening and how we are doing – To share, to laugh and cry together

It is not difficult to add “Jesus” into that normal everyday life happening

“I will certainly be praying for you…”
“Have you considered what the Bible says about that…”
“Gee, I went through a similar situation and this verse really was a help…”

5> A place to grow as a disciple

The weekly CELEBRATION allows for limited growth as a believer
The CELEBRATION is not a discipleship model because its structure tends to prevent effective discipling and mentoring from taking place
Just not designed to accomplish discipling which is more face-to-face

But a smaller weekly meeting of “peers” where the Holy Spirit is free to move will allow powerful growth and development as a disciple
It is personal – – – It is face-to-face – – – It is open and able to go where we need to go

6> Allows unlimited growth as a church

There are an unlimited number of coffee shops in the city and thus we can continue to multiply and grow groups without concern about housing all these groups under the same roof

And, as the CELEBRATION aspect grows so large that we can’t all fit into one room and this means some people are getting ‘lost’ and not participating we can multiply these meetings as well

We have unlimited housing in which to meet to grow and house our CELEBRATIONS

We have numerous places to meet as CELLS and experience life together

REMEMBER: Jesus didn’t come to just plant a church that holds meetings – He came to birth a movement that grows so we can “occupy until I come” (Luke 19:13)

ESV: “”Engage in business until I come”

We are to “seek and save the lost” and multiply…unlimited growth

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