The Church That Jesus Is Building – Part Nine

Here it is – the last of the five steps Jesus took to invite and involve people in His Kingdom…


Everything in life will multiply
Plants, rabbits, bacteria… and life-giving churches

We must expect at the outset that our church will multiply (plant other churches) and grow in numbers and health

It is only through multiplication that we will experience the fulfillment of the Great Commission

There is this man who was leading a small church – a group of believers – in his home but found that he and his wife were doing everything
He went to someone who had been involved in ministry longer than he had and was encouraged to give responsibilities away to others

So he made a list of everything he and his wife were doing – including opening their home, leading the Bible study discussion, and all the other tasks that they did each week to keep the young church alive
When he offered the other members of the group the opportunity to serve, he was shocked – they took everything!

But that is not the end of the story

Over the course of about six months, that single group of believers meeting in one home multiplied into three groups – because God’s people learn, grow, and mature by doing

The beauty of the church is that we can dream BIG and build SMALL
We draw people into small gatherings, spot one or two people to train and then encourage those people to be leaders

Some of these leaders may fall away
But, be encouraged!
Keep pouring your life into others

A very wise man once said, “Throw water on the ground and tend the flowers where they grow.”

To avoid discouragement, we must concentrate our efforts where growth is occurring

Pour your heart into others

As we teach others to serve, the Holy Spirit causes the church to multiply

Successful churches follow the example of Jesus and imitate the natural progression of what He did

He prayed
He met people
He made disciples as He gathered them close to Himself
Then He selected leaders to multiply the impact of His Kingdom

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