The Church That Jesus Is Building – Part Fourteen

Let’s continue looking at the benefits of meeting weekly in small accountability groups which I am calling Life Transformation Groups…

1> Greater Participation
2> A place of life transformation and accountability
3> Persecution-proof
4> A part of “normal life”
5> A place to grow as a disciple
6> Allows unlimited growth as a church

7> Takes care of the “pastoral care”

As the numbers grow (the church experiences life and growth) there is no added weight placed upon the ‘professional pastor’ or the leadership team

In most churches – as the numbers grow the quality of the pastoral care usually goes down because the pastor can no longer tend all of the sheep personally and in depth

The CELL solves that issue as almost all pastoral care is now received through the small weekly groups that meet as we minister to “one another”

8> A terrific place to lead people to Jesus

People who would not come to the weekly CELEBRATION will come for a cup of coffee at a cafe or coffee shop
This is a natural and normal part of life – informal, friendly, personal, available
This is a great place to influence people on their journey to Jesus

9> A great place of growth for new Christians

Small groups (CELLS) meeting over a coffee or a meal is a very effective way for a new disciple / believer to grow and mature
They will see how Christians live
They will feel free to ask questions within the natural setting of coffee and food
Provides spiritual fathers and mothers – not just teachers and notebooks

10> A way to grow leaders

Because there will be many more CELLS then there are CELEBRATION groups people have more opportunities to develop leadership skills

Leadership is not given an opportunity to arise in the CELEBRATION because this is an informational system
Leadership will arise in the CELL because it is a transformational system

11> Reverses the general flow and direction

In the regular CELEBRATION we are directed towards getting people to “church”
In the CELL understanding we are getting the “church” to the people

12> This is a biblically based pattern

In the Bible we see that CELEBRATION and CELL go together
However, there was, right from the beginning a definite emphasis on CELL life

Acts 2:46-47 “And day by day, attending the temple together and breaking bread in their homes, they received their food with glad and generous hearts, raising God and having favor with al the people. And the Lord added to their number day by day those who were being saved”

When the temple was destroyed by Titus, the Roman general, in 70 A.D. then we see a rise in the use of homes (coffee shops) as CELL meetings continued to be the daily norm

Celebrations (big groups) not always possible…

13> It is a means by which to influence a town or a city

Acts 5:28 “You have filled our city with your teaching”

This because of the constant multiplication of CELLS that enabled the early church to influence whole cities and regions very quickly

I am sure there are other benefits to the CELL – Life Transformation Groups / LTGs

But, that’s enough for now…

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