The Church Jesus Is Building – Part Thirty-Two

The move today in the Church that Jesus is building is away from information for the sake of information. True disciples of Jesus are not against learning more so that they can better live by the truth. As a result, what they are looking for is transformation and not just information. They want teaching that aims at the heart and not the head.

There is nothing more affirming and exciting than knowing that God is active in the lives of those who seek His truth and His touch. There is nothing more exciting than seeing the passion and enthusiasm of those people for the God who revealed Himself in such personal and restorative ways.

Let’s settle on what I mean by transformation. This is a critical issue because the revolution is so centred on the idea that each of us is called to be continually transformed through the renewing and reshaping power of the Holy Spirit. Spiritual transformation is any significant and lasting transition in your life wherein you switch from one substantial perspective or practice to something wholly different that genuinely alters you at a very basic level. 

Switching from one church to another is not transformational. Determining to live in accordance with the a biblical worldview is. Attending an adult Bible study after a lengthy absence is not transformational. Identifying one’s giftedness, grasping the call to use those gifts for the Kingdom, and initiating a lifestyle of service to other is. 

Transformational is a significant spiritual breakthrough in which you seize a new perspective or practice related to the seven passions we have been looking at (see note below) and, consequently, you are never the same again. The transformation redefines who you are at a fundamental and foundational spiritual level, and your lifestyle is realigned according to that part of your being that was finally awakened to the things of God.

It is interesting that statistics appear to show that most people who would say they have had a “transformational” experience with the Lord did so outside the local church. Although good things still do happen within the local church it has been discovered that the majority of people who would say they have encountered and experienced the Living God as found in Jesus Christ – did so outside the local church, often with the help of ministries that are not flowing from the traditional local church.

One of the key ministries where life transformation is the house church movement. Although still relatively small in numbers and so often not determined to be significant – people are having transformational moments with the Holy Spirit in these smaller, non-traditional settings. People often join house churches because they are looking for a small group of people who share their passions (again, see the list below). House church people tend to be single-minded and intently focused on God with a passion not always seen in other Christian gatherings. This focus and intensity enables the Holy Spirit to bring transformation to their lives and build them into revolutionaries. 

To Note:

A reminder of what the seven core passions for a revolutionary are (from previous blogs in this series):

1> Intimate worship

2> Faith-based conversations

3> Intentional spiritual growth

4> A place to serve (servanthood)

5> Resource investment

6> Spiritual friendships

7> Family faith