The Church Jesus Is Building – Part Six

We are looking at the five natural steps we can take to become involved in building the church that Jesus is now forming in nations around the world. Jesus Himself followed this pattern and so should we. We are looking at the second step today…


Do not hang out with Christians!
Strange as it may sound, this is something we need to take seriously
At least, don’t spend ALL of your time with Christians

Do not invest all your spare time in the Church – programs, building, meeting, activities
You need a good chunk of time free each week to engage your heart , your mind, your emotions and your daily life with a few people who don’t know Jesus

Building relationally with them so as to eventually help them to come to know Jesus

We must be intentional in order to develop friendships with non-Christians— it does not happen by accident

Get involved in an adult sports league
Attend your children’s sporting events to meet members of the community
Join an art class or an archery club
Initiate a summer block party in your neighbourhood
Get involved in a community project

Find ways – and there are many – to develop friendships with people who don’t follow Jesus

As we hang out with pre-Christians, we can pray for them
We know the God who made them, so we can ask Him to reveal His love for them to us as we pray
Even aside from prayer – we carry God into each relationship we develop
We are God’s ambassadors, ministers of reconciliation (2 Corinthians 5:18, 20)
We are not at work on our jobs or attending school just to be there
We are there with the living word of God breathing in our spirits with hope and faith and compassion for the people with whom we interact

And, in those relationships and others, prayer allows us to see people differently


One time a man called called Floyd was standing in line at a restaurant buffet … I will let him tell his story:

I could sense the pain in the girl serving me. It was palpable and heartbreaking. I felt I had to say something. So I said, “We are soon going to be seated, and when we thank God for our food, is there something we could pray about for you? If there is one thing you want from God right now in your life, what would it be?”

She looked at me, hung her head for a moment, then looked up and said, “I am desperate for peace in my life.” Heaven came right there in that moment. It was a divine connection in a very ordinary time and place. I wasn’t there to sell God to her or persuade her of His goodness. God simply showed me her pain and I obeyed His prompting to reach out to her.

Likewise, Jesus didn’t come to sell us something
He came to offer Himself

Evangelism is about giving – it’s about giving to people

I have since talked to that girl when I’ve returned to the buffet, and we have had wonderful conversations. I haven’t seen her come to Jesus, but I did say and do what God asked of me at the time.


God gives us so many opportunities in everyday life to speak for Him and to explain His love

I suggest that you make a list of three or four people and begin to pray for them

God wants to use you to birth people into the Kingdom – get people saved

God wants to use us to birth more (house) churches (multiply)

This is done through prayer and intentional time spent with people who don’t know Jesus

All it takes is one person to come to Christ from an unchurched background, and he or she will bring a whole host of other people who don’t know Jesus

Even Jesus evangelized in this way

He built friendships and His friends brought their friends to meet Him

Remember the woman at the well (John 4)…

One woman whom Jesus befriended and spoke to introduced Christ to the entire town!

1> Pray
2> Meet
3> Make

We will look at step three tomorrow…

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