The Church Jesus Is Building – Part Forty-Two

We are looking at the perspectives that helped Jesus be the Revolutionary that He was. Understanding the way He say things may help shape your view of what a revolutionary life is all about. Last time we saw…

1> Live the revolution

2> Victory through engagement

3> Motivated by love and obedience

4> Marching orders from God

Christians are used to controlling their own lives. What makes revolutionaries so bizarre is that they admit they do not have control of their lives and they are not seeking to attain control. Who else would you want controlling your life besides the God of Creation?

But admitting that we do not have control is only one step in the process of ‘successful’ living. The other crucial component is to listen carefully so we get our cues from God. He seeks to direct us every step of the way. However, we must be sensitive enough to receive His direction. He speaks to us in various ways – through the Bible, wise counsellors, direct revelation, signs – but all the communication in the world is meaningless if we are not attuned to His message and determined to obey His commands. 

A revolutionary knows who calls the shots, and he knows what the voice of His God sounds like. Success is not about proving our own ability by creating and implementing our own plans; it is all about our fervent desire to be used by God as He wills.

5> Leadership: doing what’s right

A revolution is about changing what exists. Change requires leaders who intentionally introduce new direction. Every revolutionary, whether positioned as a leader or not, fulfills a leadership role by virtue of affecting the lives of others who have ignored or resisted the truth of the Bible.

Whether you like it or not, being a revolutionary means that, at some point, you will provide leadership to someone else. That’s a privilege for which you must be ready.

One of the critical points of preparation is to make your choices based on what is right. Jesus criticized the leaders of His day for misleading people by making choices that were popular, easy, expected, personally profitable – but wrong. A godly leader – a true revolutionary – does whatever is right, according to God’s laws and principles. Even if the inevitable result will be resistance or persecution. Revolutionaries gladly bear any burden so long as their choices and actions honour God.

6> Internal politics are absent

Jockeying for position occurs in most organizations, whether they operate under peaceful or wartime conditions. All the perks are up for grabs – titles, physical location, compensation benefits, operational resources – and even the most committed players consciously grab for them.

Not so among revolutionaries. No office politics exist because there is no office to rule, no official positions to win, and no ‘stuff’ that matters. All that matters is pleasing the Boss. And that is accomplished by ignoring all of the usual goals in favour of being godly.

So, these are six of the many perspectives that determined how Jesus lived His life as The Revolutionary. It would be good to consider adopting them as part of our perspective on both the Christian faith and the life we live.

Being a revolutionary is all about living life as a paradox. You win before you experience your initial skirmish. Faith trumps over competence. Spiritual power overwhelms physical force. Humility generates attention and appreciation. Holiness defeats worldly cleverness. Those who surrender their lives defeat the enemy who seeks to destroy them. 

Participating in this revolution is not easy. Our enemy understands our objective and methods and will pull out the stops to counter our efforts. Just as victory comes through paradoxes, the performance of revolutionary tasks beings paradoxical results. Offering love will often inspire distrust and retribution. Serving those in need may trigger persecution by those being served. Living a simple life becomes exceedingly complex.

It does not matter. Focus. Be strong and courageous. Yo have already won. Now all you must do is persevere.