The Christian Walk

Anyone who is a disciple is on a Jesus journey. We don’t follow a set path with particular steps to take along the way. We follow a person. Jesus Pilgrims are people who don’t always know how to follow or where they are going, but they know who they are following and going with. In fact, for Jesus followers, the path is not a trail, the path is a person.

The discipleship path, sometimes known as the Emmaus Road, is not meant to be hard: “My yoke is easy and My burden is light.” But we are warned that the road will be narrow, like a narrow bridge, tightrope walk, or jungle path. We should not expect the opulence of wide, cleared swaths or eight-lane superhighways. If Jesus is our only Pathfinder, we should expect to hack new walkways through deep underbrush and encounter teetering suspension bridges. But only on this road do we encounter daily Emmaus revelations, where we suddenly realize that Jesus has been walking alongside us on the way.

The Emmaus Road is a lifelong pilgrimage that is meant to be a shared, not a solo adventure. Not a once-and-done determination, discipleship is a daily walk of daring that takes the pilgrim on strange paths and untried paces but always on a journey of change. But for all, the art of walking the garden with Jesus keeps us growing and changing from birth through death. There is no such thing as the status quo when you are a disciple of Jesus.

A fly is the perfect example of the status quo. Young or old, a fly doesn’t change, and it remains the same size throughout its adult life. Even after death, it does not rapidly decompose. Too many followers of Jesus are living a “fly gospel” that produces nice people rather than saints; that stands for convention rather than adventure; that is respectable rather than passionate; that calls for guarded, take-care living rather than heroic, take-risks living; that is more at home with the status quo than with living on the fly.

God is calling His people to walk with Him. To stand up and step out in faith. When they do He will show us and show off demonstrating Himself strong on behalf of His people and His Kingdom.

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