The Benefits of His Grace

Because of God’s grace each and every one of us can be saved because we are only saved by grace and not through any works we might do no matter how good or even how great. Jesus was born and came as one of us “full of grace and truth” which made Him different than any other human being ever born. His birth led directly to the Cross of Calvary where He died to defeat the power of sin (1 Corinthians 15) because He willingly died because He was “full of grace.” Death had no place in Him and no power over Him because there was no sin in Him and He had never committed a sin in His 30 years of life. He willingly offered His life and died for the sins of others – this is “full of grace.”
Jesus died for His enemies and not for His friends – that is what it means to be “full of grace.” The Bible states that those who sin are enemies of God and Jesus died for His enemies – willingly and lovingly offering Himself as the needed sacrifice for sin – that is “full of grace.” He then willingly offers anyone and everyone who comes to believe and trust in Him total forgiveness of all sins – past, present and future. This is certainly being “full of grace.” With this forgiveness He also gives us the gift of eternal life which is to live in a relationship with God the Father now and forever into all of eternity – this is being “full of grace.”

He offers His people the power and anointing that He walked in and through which He transformed lives during His three years of public ministry before His death. We call this the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. Another gift to us because He came “full of grace.” We could never earn this power nor would we ever deserve to walk in this transforming power from God. It is a gift of grace from Him who came “full of grace.” And, because of this anointing we are called into the same ministry He Himself came to accomplish – to seek and sae the lost. That is a honor and a privilege we receive because He came “full of grace.”

You get the idea…everything we have and everything we are becoming is a result of His grace and so all the glory and the honor goes to Him and not to us. We are simply recipients of His abundant grace as He was so “full of grace” that it overflowed and transformed our lives as soon as we came into contact with it. So, remember that you have received “blessing upon blessing heaped upon us” (John 1:14 The Living Bible) simply because of His grace and not because of your goodness or even your good works. It is all because He was born “full of grace and truth.” Rejoice that this is the truth – and recognize how blessed you are because of His grace and mercy – given freely from the Cross when you could have received justice and judgment.

The miracle of Christmas – He came “full of grace.”

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