The Beat Goes On – Kazakhstan Day 15

The day started with some quiet time to myself which is rare on these trips especially when you bring a team along with you – which I always do. Then we met with one of our team members from Ukraine to discuss the situation I wrote about several days ago as he is part of the leadership team for the group that is involved with the accusations and comments and criticisms which have now spread to four nations but have never been addressed to me personally. I know what some of the issues are simply because I have heard them now from enough people. Gossip is a disease and it spreads offenses everywhere it is tolerated. One of the Ten Commandments is `Thou shall not bear false witness` and it would be good for many of those involved to reread and think about Exodus, Chapter Twenty a few times.

We had a three hour meeting and heard some fantastic things that have been going on regarding the discussion of my ministry in Ukraine and surrounding nations. None of these issues have been addressed to me personally and up to this time I had only heard them and become aware of them through rumours – now I was hearing some of them from the perspective of someone who is a member of the leadership team where these things are going on. My heart is grieved that so much time and energy is being spent speaking about me and not speaking to me. And, that the members of this leadership team have obviously taken something that should have been confidential and spread it to many not on the team and even not in the network that this team leads. That is obvious simply by the people who have asked us questions about what they are hearing as we have travelled to various nations. The Church once again fails to live up to biblical principles.

My feelings about all this hassle is simple. I don`t need it. I feel like simply going on doing what the Lord has sent me to Eastern Europe to do – and do it with and for those who appreciate my ministry and that trust me and the teachings that I do. There is lots of work even if this group shuts my teams out of their network. However, it will effect a lot of the young apostles and prophets in training who go to their churches as I will have to drop them from our mailing and training lists because the pastors whom they submit to will be told we are off limits and I will not go against local authority. The other reaction is simply to stay home. I am old enough and tired enough and done this long enough (I started preaching in 1968) that I often think that I have had enough hassle and crap and it would be good to slow down a lot and read more – maybe even write a book. Or, maybe just stop ministering all together and do what others my age do – retire. It is looking more appealing all the time. Maybe it is just that one likes to be appreciated for what they are doing.

So, the beat goes on and the Church is once again wounded by those who lead her and do not do so biblically. I will answer emails received regarding the concerns and am planning to meet with the leader in Toronto and the Council that leads this denominational grouping in Kiev, Ukraine as soon as possible but it will definitely be some time in the new year and not before. Already it looks like I will need to cancel my January trip as three of the four churches I was to minister in are in this denomination and they are uncertain as to the relationship between their leader and my ministry. Uncertainly will lead to cancellations. However, this morning I received an email from another church – no longer a part of this network or denomination – asking me to come and minister to them. The process to set that up has begun and it may be what January’s planned trip turns out to be all about.

Keep praying – we still have three more days of ministry and then three full days of airports and jet planes before arriving home. Appreciate everyone who reads these daily blogs.

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