The Basics Regarding the Fivefold Ministry – Part Four

Today let’s look at the fact that if a fivefold minister leads a local church, he must have an anointing for governmental leadership.

While all fivefold ministers carry spiritual authority, not all fivefold ministers carry governmental authority. They may have a tremendous anointing of spiritual authority, and church leaders honour and respect what they are saying, but they never function in a church governing leadership role. On the other hand, some fivefold ministers will provide governing leadership such as a fivefold pastor (there is no such thing as a local pastor functioning solo in a local assembly) leading the elders of a local church. Or, an apostolic position of leadership in a family or network of churches.

If you take into consideration the gift of leadership that is mentioned in Romans 12:8 (“… if it is leadership, let him govern diligently), a fivefold minister can hold governmental leadership, but he must have this gift of government to lead or he will be out of place on a church leadership team. We have seen men who were tremendously anointed in their fivefold gifts and ministry and subsequently given governing leadership in the church. However, their anointing was not for government and they did not have the grace to deal with all the problems that came with church leadership. They simply could not handle it, and they eventually realize that governmental leadership was not for them.

For the sake of example, let’s say an evangelist and prophet are added to a church’s leadership team. They do not have the gift to rule (Romans 12:8) and become frustrated at the church leadership meetings because, to them, the meetings are a waste of their time. They think, ‘Instead of planning a budget, let’s just believe God and go for it! There are people who are not saved so why are we spending time talking about the requirements for worship leaders, cell leaders, or whether we need to buy new chairs?’ They become distant during the meetings, leading to sometimes skewed and reactionary input. Because they do not have the gift of governmental leadership, they cannot see the whole picture. They can only look at the issues through their gift lens.

What was once a church leadership team that was moving forward now is indecisive in their decision-making. The leaders who were truly called to lead may start to feel like they need to step down because they always seemed to be at odds with the fivefold evangelist and prophet. Before the leadership team is split apart, the leaders with the gift of government must realize what needs to be done and quickly and wisely remove the evangelist and prophet from the church leadership team.

If someone has the fivefold give of a pastor, it does not mean he has to be the primary leader of a church (having a governing role). Of course, the primary leader may have the fivefold gift of a pastor or even an apostle, but he must, first and foremost, have a governmental gift to lead and make final decisions. Likewise, a person with the fivefold gift of an evangelist may lead a church if he also has the gift of government. But if the evangelist does not have the gift of government, it will not work on a long-term basis. Anyone who leaders a church must have the gift of governmental leadership which qualifies him to make final decisions.

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