The Basics – PRAYER

Prayer is not God up there and us down here with us trying to get His attention in the hope that He will give to us what we are begging for.

Prayer is not taking a promise of Scripture and speaking it out loud over and over again until we convince God that we have the correct amount of faith and He grants us what we are confessing or speaking.

Prayer is not confessing something that we have heard God say and so forcing Him to grant it – willingly or relunctantly – because we have confessed it we can now possess it.

Prayers don’t have to travel to Heaven and so the feeling that your prayers don’t reach the ceiling and are not being heard or answered is totally that – a feeling not based in biblical fact.

Prayer is the Holy Spirit speaking within us, bearing witness to our spirits, that we may know the mind of Christ. Then we pray in line with what the Holy Spirit has revealed and because we are then praying in line with the will of God we have what we ask for (1 John 5).

Biblical prayer is the believer listening for the voice of God and then responding to that voice by standing in agreement with what God has spoken and thus releasing it upon the face of the earth.

Biblical prayer is an exciting involvement in the will of God – coming to know what He is planning to do, lining up with His plans, and then walking with Him – watching the plans and purpose of God unfold throughout your day.

Much of what passes as prayer today is not vital and dynamic but is simply religious routine that amounts to absolutely nothing. As Paul the apostle states … why, having begun in the Spirit, are you now trying to do this Christian thing in the flesh? And, much that passes for prayer today is simply the flesh.

As a result many wonderful believers spend little time “praying.” And very few ever learn to “cry out to the Lord” as Israel did in Exodus 14 when needing God to intervene in their current situation and do a miracle on their behalf.

I believe that the people of God need to renew their relationship with the Lord and rediscover the joy of listening to the voice of the Lord – the Holy Spirit speaking in their spirit. It is time to take the religion out of our prayer time and remember that we have a relationship with the living God. It is time to place a priority on prayer done the biblical way and for God’s people to become directly involved in what God is doing by responding to what we hear Him saying during our not-so-quiet “quiet time” with Him in the morning (or evening).

And do this – not trying to gain God’s approval, not to release God’s blessings, not so we can experience revival, and not so we can then have whatever we ask for. We are to do this simply to have a relationship with Him who saved us – a relationship built on a biblical format with the foundation being our love for Him as He has seriously demonstated His love for us by His death upon the Cross.

Time to get back to the basics in our walk with Him.

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