The Assignment of the Apostle – Part Three

In the last two blogs we saw that an apostle has some very specific assignments according to the Scriptures…

1> He is sent with a specific purpose
2> He is sent to carry out a specific task within that purpose
3> The apostle is sent with a specific vision of that task

This time we want to continue looking at the assignment of an apostle…

4> The apostle is sent with a specific authority

The word “authority” in the Greek, is the word ‘exousia’; it means to grant legal rights to use power, authority, right, liberty, jurisdiction, or strength. If an apostle does not have the authority given by God he should not be ministering. This call and resulting authority must then be fully recognized by the leaders he submits to. Eventually he will be released by the local church to go and minister – released when he is ready to begin to fulfill his calling (purpose, task, vision). This then allows God’s power to flow so that he can successfully carry out the mission and vision.

In the Kingdom without that God-given authority, the apostle does not have the legal right to accomplish what he believes he is being called to do. More than likely, an apostle without power is one who sent himself, and that is why he has no spiritual authority and lacks fruit in the spirit realm and in his ministry.

Jesus sent His disciples with the authority to rebuke demons, heal the sick, and preach the Gospel; they obeyed Jesus and were very successful.

“…and when He had called His twelve disciples to Him, He gave them power over unclean spirits, to cast them out, and to heal all kinds of sickness and all kinds of disease.” (Matthew 10:1)

The power is available, released, and witnessed by others when the man of God is walking in God’s calling upon his life and has been sent out by the local church how and when the Holy Spirit directs. This will usually happen after the call has been received and recognized, the man has entered into discipleship training; has been trained and equipped; personally mentored by a more mature and senior apostle; and then sent out (commissioned) by the leaders of the local church.

Too many today are not willing to submit to other leaders, allow the Lord time to develop their character, and grow in the skills needed to have a successful ministry. Thus we have immature apostles or, worse still, false apostles destroying the true work of the Lord who is building His Church. Many go who are not ‘sent’ but simply ‘went’ under their own authority and working in the flesh.

The apostle is sent to a specific place with an awareness of four very specific elements in his ministry:
1> Purpose
2> A specific task within that purpose
3> A specific vision detailing the task – how, when, where, with whom… especially the ‘where’
4> the authority to “go” and do what Jesus has asked Him to do and thus fulfill the vision

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