The Assignment of an Apostle – Part Two

Last time we saw that an apostle has some very specific assignments according to the Scriptures…

1> He is sent with a specific purpose
2> He is sent to carry out specific task within that purpose

3> The apostle is sent with a specific vision of what he should do

God gives each apostle a vision for his life and his ministry. This vision is very specific, detailed and will bring about changes in the one called to be an apostle so that they will be able to fulfill the vision. The vision is established and set by Jesus who calls men to be apostles and gifts them to His Church. The call and vision for that specific person is fixed. The person with the call is the variable and so the Holy Spirit begins to work within him to bring about whatever changes and adjustments are needed for the man to fulfill and complete the calling. So, the call is first on the life, character, and nature of the man through which the ministry of the calling is then birthed.

The individual vision for the person always fits within the wider calling on all apostles. There is the generic call and then the individual, specific, and unique vision for those who are called. This individual vision is the plan and will of God for the man’s life and then his ministry. It is God’s plan and purpose for the apostle to accomplish and complete during his stay on the planet. God never gives something that is general or uncertain in nature. He will always give the apostle something concrete and measurable. Those called to be apostles should not move out into their apostolic calling until they know the specific direction their call is to take. This specific vision upon a man will then attract certain people to their ministry and the team is begun and is formed.

Jesus said to the original 12 apostles,You have not chosen Me, but I have chosen you and I have appointed you [I have planted you], that you might go and bear fruit and keep on bearing, and that your fruit may be lasting…” (John 15:16)

The expression, “I have planted you” means: to place in a specific location and to relate to specific people. God places the apostle in a place where he will have a circle or sphere of influence that has been predetermined and set by God – this is because the apostle will only be effective when he is with the right people in the right place. The end-result of being in a specific place, with the people God sent him to be with, is that the apostle will bear abundant fruit. If there is no fruit, that is a sign tat he is not in the right place or with the right people.

More next time…

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