The Apostle Today

God is restoring the ministry of the apostle in His Church today. It is being restored in every nation of the world. In some places the ministry is fully restored and operational. In other places, it is in the process of being established and accepted. In places where this ministry is fully restored and operational – many still do not receive the ministry. Often this is the result of bad experiences with ministries that speak of being apostolic and those who call themselves apostles and are not. This is natural and to be expected. Whenever God restores a truth some take it to an extreme and thus give it a bad reputation. Others jump onto the current move of the Spirit calling themselves apostles when they are not. However, this does not mean there is not a genuine ministry being restored by the Spirit of God – it simply means the the flesh and the devil are involved at times and counterfeiting the real thing.

Over the past one hundred years, God has been at work restoring the five ministerial offices. At this time the ministries of the evangelist, teacher, pastor, and prophet have been restored. The ministry of the apostle is the last to be restored and this process of restoration in the church is well on its way. For the last ten years or more this has been the main emphasis of the Spirit as He realigns the Church bringing it back to the way it was biblically designed to be built and to function. Once this ministry is properly established and received the Church will be ready and able to complete its task of world evangelization – the training and deployment of workers into the harvest fields and the extending of the Kingdom of God to the ends of the earth.

Not everyone who has the title of ‘apostle’ is an apostle. Many are deceived and have declared themselves to be an apostle when they are not. Because it is new and different many recognize that this is a move of God and want to be involved and so they “went” but they were not “sent.” They are what the Scriptures call “false apostles.” So beware of those who use the word ‘apostle’ as a title and are not looking to serve God’s people but want to be served and seen as someone special. True apostles do not see themselves as special – simply essential.

The word ‘apostle’ is not a title to be placed in front of a person’s name – it is a role or a function, a job description for a ministry that is vital to the health of the local Church and the expansion of God’s Kingdom. In the Greek, the word for apostle is ‘apostolos’; it refers to one who is sent; an ambassador, a delegate, a special messenger; a commanding officer or one who is commissioned by a higher authority.

In the New Testament, this word is used as a verb over two hundred times; it appears less times as a noun. The verb is three times more common that the noun, which means that it refers more to an activity than a title. An “apostello” or one who is sent is what you are, not what you have. To be an apostle is more than having a title or office; it is an activity or function you live for.

The word is composed of two parts: ‘apo’ which means one and ‘stello’ which means to send. Literally, this word is defined as “one who is sent” or to order someone to go to an appointed place. This is because every true apostle has a “metron” or sphere of influence. This is the group, the district, the geographical area that he is called to minister in and to – and for which he has the authority to minister in the Name of the Lord Jesus who is our Chief Apostle. It is the area or people to which he is “sent.” Every apostle must discover their “metron” and then minister within those God-given parameters. To minister outside of his ‘metron’ means that he is ministering without authority and in the flesh.

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