Taking a Look – I Am Amazed

I am amazed at the number of people who call themselves born again believers who don’t attend church. The Bible states clearly that being a true disciple of the Lord means believing (trusting with your whole heart), belonging, and becoming more like Him each day. The Bible refers to a believer as part of the family, the army, a peculiar people, a royal priesthood… all descriptions of a true believer make them a part of something bigger. The Bible is clear – you are not a believer if you are not an active part of the body.

I am amazed at the number of believers who think they don’t have to speak to others about Jesus and who claim they simply don’t have the gift of evangelism. Amazed because there is no such gift in the Bible. Amazed because Jesus made it very clear that to follow Him means “fishing” or winning the lost. He gave the Church He is building only one task – seek and save the lost by going into all the world and making disciples (Luke 19:10 and Matthew 28:18-20). I’m amazed that they think they are good Christians and in right standing with God and apparently won’t be held accountable.

I am amazed at the number of believers who come to church on a Sunday and don’t worship. They literally don’t sing the choruses, don’t raise their hands, don’t offer themselves as a living sacrifice as the Bible states we are to do. I am amazed. And yet they say they love Jesus. Worship is meant to be an expression of that love. I am amazed that they can drink coffee, read their text messages, talk, and even sleep during the time when we have the honor of worshipping Almighty God.

I am amazed that during teachings from God’s Word many believers sleep, talk, drink coffee, don’t follow along in their Bibles or even take notes when outlines are supplied to use for that purpose. I am amazed at the lack of fear for God’s Word as the Bible states that God expects His people to tremble at His ord. It is a holy and powerful thing to hear the voice of God through a teaching that the leader has spent time praying about and working on during the weeks ahead of the service. Yet, many take it for granted and simply yawn through another teaching wondering when it will be over.

I am amazed that the church in Canada is so apathetic when we have been so blessed by God and have so much to be thankful for as well as share with others here and overseas. I am amazed at the abundance we take for granted and the serious lack of sharing of that wealth and abundance with needy brothers and sisters worldwide. Oh, I know some believers give to missions and outreach but we could do so much more and live with so much less and thus touch so many more lives with the love of Jesus.

I am amazed that so many can be so self-deceived. Amazed that there is such apathy towards the things of the Lord today in the church. And deeply concerned about the lack of spiritual health and well-being of many of those who call themselves Christians and warm a seat on Sundays…

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