Take a Bold Step Forward

I believe the Lord is saying that it is time to take a bold step forward in your walk with Him. It is time to become serious about the plan and purpose of God for your life. It is time to grab hold of the terrific future He has for you. I believe we are in a time when the Lord is prompting all who call themselves Christians no matter what age to reach out and grab hold of their personal future with Him.
Often we sit back and simply wait for the Lord to act. That has never been His way. He sets out for each generation His plan and His purpose and then expects those who belong to that generation to reach out, grab hold, and then run the race crossing the finish line having accomplished what He called them to do. He invites but we must respond. Have you? Will you?

When we respond to the generic generational call He then begins to speak to us individually giving us details of what specially He wants each person to do and how they are to do it. He dpes this through His Word, through the teachings at their local church, and prophetically. These words help to guide and direct each individual so that they reach the finish line in their race.

Sadly there are many who will miss the call of God on their life. They are putting little to no effort into their relationship with Him. In their daily life they are living as if He is really not there simply doing whatever they want when they want. They are not taking God or His Church seriously and thus God’s hands are tied and He is not actively involved in their lives. This is true of people in all generations. Sad but true. These people, like those who are reaching and grabbing hold, will be held accountable for what they did and did not do. God is serious about His will being done through His people right here and right now where we live.

So, I encourage you to grab hold of God’s plan and purpose for your generation and to run with it – invest your life in something of eternal significance. Other wise you will either spend your time on temporary things or simply waste your limited time here on the planet.

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