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Hundreds of people gathered to hear the Word of the Lord and to learn how to prophesy. Day after day they came, often at great personal expense to worship the Lord and become better equipped to serve Him. Each day God moved, healed, delivered, and trained. He is truly blessing His people.

Leaders from many nations came to learn and to grow in the Lord. Pictured here – England, Iran, Iraq, and Armenia. We also had pastors and leaders from Georgia and Turkey.   Add to that Canada and Ukraine and it has truly been international in scope. It has been amazing to see (and hear) much of what is happening translated into three, and at times, four languages at the same time. All leaders report the same fresh release in worship and the moving of the Spirit that we have begun to experience here at The Sanctuary. We are right in step with God.

As you read this I will have just preached in the city of Uzlovaya, Russia where I have ministered twice before. I will have just finished four days of consultation and planning with nine leadership couples from around the great nation of Russia as well as three evening services open to the public in another city and come here late Saturday. After the service I head to Moscow for a 4:00a check-in and then 30 hours of flights and sitting in airports arriving home Monday night Regina time.

Thank you for your wonderful support and encouragement during this trip into Armenia and Russia. God has opened doors for future trips into Iran and Turkey and, of course, much more work in Armenia and Russia. Your prayers work!

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