Supernatural Living Seminars

A series of weekend seminars to train and equip God’s people in Supernatural Living.

In His Kingdom today Jesus is calling His disciples to a closer walk with Him. He wants each and every one of His followers to have a personal and intimate relationship with Him. However, this intimate relationship with God should result in the further expansion of His Kingdom into our neighbourhoods and culture. Intimacy with Jesus should always result in His disciples influencing people as they come to see what the Christian faith is really like. And, this influence as it spreads should impact the culture in which we live. Intimacy should always result in influence and impact. 

This series of seminars is designed to enable God’s people to live supernaturally and thus have an impact right where they live and in the nations of the world. Each seminar runs on a Friday night and all day Saturday. Every person attending receives a manual that contains all of the teaching notes and information that they can then take home and review after their time at the seminar. These are hands-on seminars where the students actually practice what is being taught.

With presentations, discussions, questions and answers, and immediate application as the students apply the content of the seminar the seminars are dynamic and powerfully life changing. These seminars are not just about information, they are, in fact, about transformation. Those in attendance will encounter the supernatural power of the Living God in each of these Spirit-filled seminars.

Each of these seminars is self-contained and stands on it own both with regard to content as well as what the student will experience. You can schedule just one or run the whole series over the course of a year… And, we can custom design them to fit your requirements.

Included in this seminar series:

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