Supernatural Healing and Deliverance

A seminar that is practical with hands-on training in the area of healing and deliverance. Jesus has called us to do what He did (John 14:12) and empowered us to do so (Acts 1:8) so that we can be a witness to His resurrection.

Every student receives a manual with all the material that will be taught and practiced. They can add notes as the seminar progresses as the leader will often comment and expand on what is in the manual. Thus every student is able to take home a personalized manual of the weekend experience. 

Jesus told us in Mark 16 to “cast out demons and heal the sick.” There is a specific order to His command – and so we need to know how to cast out demons so that we can then bring healing to spirit, soul and body.

Some of the teaching covered will include:

  •  The role of forgiveness in healing and deliverance
  • How to minister healing as a believer
  • How to minister healing if you flow in the Gift of Healing
  • The role of other supernatural gifts of the Spirit in the healing ministry
  • Generational curses and healing
  • Word curses and healing
  • Healing and deliverance as a means of evangelizing and winning the lost
  • Why everyone is not healed
  • Healing those in hospital
  • Overcoming the effects of past hurts
  • How to biblically cast out demons

This seminar will be ready November 1st, 2015 and we are already taking booking for this new seminar.

This seminar is part of a series of “Supernatural Living” seminars presented by Ralph Howe Ministries. Every seminar stands on its own.

Other seminars in the series include:

  • Supernatural Power
  • Supernatural Evangelism
  • Supernatural Prayer
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