Supernatural Evangelism

Jesus came to “seek and save the lost.” As He was about to ascend into Heaven He spoke His last words to His disciples saying, “Go into al the world and make disciples…” (Matthew 28:19). This is known as The Great Commission and it is still the mandate for the Church that Jesus is building. His words were a command to His Church to continue the work that He came to accomplish. 

Evangelism is not something we do as a program once a week. It must be part of the believers DNA and thus a way of life. Thus, when we, as disciples of Jesus, go out daily into our world – whether at work, within our family, in the neighbourhood, at the gym – we look for opportunities to share “the night and day difference Jesus has and is making in our lives.”  God is constantly supplying opportunities for us to share and this is what makes the Christian faith a dynamic and exciting adventure.

In this weekend seminar (Friday night and all-day Saturday) you will learn about:

  • The Gospel of the Kingdom as compared to the gospel of salvation
  • Several ways to share the Gospel that work in today’s culture
  • How to share the Gospel with others you know and meet
  • How to give your testimony in a biblical format that works to impact lives
  • The need to remove Christianese from your vocabulary
  • How to witness to the “unchurched”
  • How to share the Good News with the “dechurched”
  • What is it that we must do to impact the “Nones” in our world today
  • What young people are asking about today and answers to those searching questions

These and many other topics are covered in this interactive, hands-on, practical seminar on how to speak to non-believers indoor world today and see them cross the line of faith and enter into the Kingdom of God.

This is one is a series of “Supernatural Living” seminars presented by Ralph Howe Ministries. Other seminars in the series include:

  • Supernatural Power
  • Supernatural Prayer
  • Supernatural Healing

Supernatural Evangelism – first edition is currently available and the second edition will be released May 1, 2015.

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