Sunday’s encounter with God!

It’s early Sunday morning and I’m ready. More than ready, I am seriously expectant. I am going to be worshipping with and teaching in two different churches today and I am seriously expectant. I expect God to show up!

I am going with my heart and my head (mind) prepared and ready to honour Him and glorify Him in worship. I am going ready to receive whatever He has to say and whatever He might decide to do in our midst in the short hour and a half to two hours we are together in each service. I am more than ready to receive – I expect God to show up so that I have someone to encounter and something to receive both in my mind and in my heart.

I have discovered that if you show up at a public corporate worship service expecting God to manifest Himself and touch your life – He will. I have also discovered that if you show up at Sunday worship not prepared and not expecting – then you will not be disappointed either – because nothing will happen, just as you expected.

Now I know this sounds old fashioned – but, I believe we need to not have a late night on Saturday. If you want to go to the midnight movies and stay up half the night – Fridays works really well for this. Then, on Saturday night, have a quiet night at home where, just before bed, you spend a quality time in the Word with the Holy Spirit leading you in preparation for the morning worship encounter. Then, go to bed at a decent hour so that you get a good night’s rest.

Sunday morning – rise earlier than you need to so that you have adequate time with God and with His Word (Bible) once again. Read, pray, and ask God to manifest Himself to you at the worship service. Invite Him to play a bigger part in your life than ever before and tell Him you are looking forward to hearing from Him both during the worship and through the pastor’s teaching time.

Now, you are ready for an encounter with God. He will not disappoint you. You will be changed!

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