Sunday – Monday Is Tomorrow

Thanks for your prayers for the service this morning – please be praying for tonight’s service. There will be many people there from other churches including some pastors who are hungry for more of God and a word from The Lord prophetically. Pray for open hearts and more power than anyone has ever seen in a service before.

Tomorrow – Monday – I have a day with Jamie Overholt (my host and someone I mentor as he is called as an apostle). We will spend the day talking and growing our relationship. I believe that all ministry arises out of relationship and so everywhere I go to minister I invest time in developing and deepening relationships. It is a good Kingdom investment. I have several hours later in the afternoon to rest (and read my Bible) and then the evening is a meeting of the full elders and deacons board of Overcomers Christian Church being held in a home. No topic has been assigned to the meeting so I could use your prayers for guidance and grace – that the Holy Spirit will tell me what to share and guide me as I answer the many questions that will certainly be asked.

This is a church that is in transition. New leadership, a younger vision, a change is format of daily operations as well as Sunday services. They are moving towards being a regional apostolic church and this requires massive changes. The major change being in the way the leaders think of Church and their understanding of their roles in the church. Please pray for all these wonderful young leadership couples that they would grasp the magnitude of what God has begun and the journey they are now on.

As always, your prayers and support are greatly appreciated.

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