Sunday In Ohio

This morning I will be at River of Life Community Church in the small town of Butler, Ohio. I have been here a number of times and, in many ways, it is like my second home. It is a beautiful area of the United States and the hills and mountains are beautiful at this time of the year. The church here is growing and reaching out to a number of communities that surround the town of Butler. The services and even the pre-service prayer times are always powerful and I am always refreshed when here – both when I have an opportunity to minister and when I sit and listen to others minister. Because the pastor of this church is one of my mentors I am here at times when I am not ministering.

Today I will be preaching and prophesying at the morning service and then meeting with the youth in the evening. It has been a full few days already – elders meetings, meetings with my mentor, a family wedding that I helped to officiate at, and many ad-hoc meetings with people as each day unfolds. It has been busy but it has been good. And, I have been thankful to have had time to prepare for Sunday’s ministry opportunities before I arrived as there has been no spare time since arriving. Tomorrow (Monday) is just as busy with a meeting in the morning with a church planter that I am working with and then a meeting with the company who is designing the app for Ralph Howe Ministries – both within driving distance of where I am located.

Your prayers for today and the people of The River of Life Church Community Church would be greatly appreciated. The morning service usually number well over 200 and God has given me a powerful message for those in attendance. The evening youth group will be 25+ and, if it is like last time, a number of the parents will sit at the back and listen in on what we are doing – so, most likely, a good sized group to minister to. Again, the Lord has laid a special challenge on my heart to issue to the youth.

Thanks for praying – your support in this way is very important and very powerful. I appreciated your involvement in this ministry.

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