Sunday in California

Sitting outside drinking coffee as I write this. It is early morning and everyone is still asleep. It was a long day yesterday for everyone. However, it is warm enough even this early that I found sleeping a little difficult so decided to get up and enjoy the weather. I head home tomorrow and I am certain the weather there is not near as beautiful as here.

Yesterday we held a prophetic seminar with almost 150 in attendance. It was very powerful and touched many hearts. However, it is always difficult to cover a subject like the prophetic in four 90 minute sessions especially when every word needs to be interpreted into Armenian. So, really simply skimmed the surface of the topic regretfully. And, of course, everyone was anxious to receive a prophetic word and so each session included some prophetic ministry – again limited due to time and having to do every prophetic word in two languages. Very similar to ministry overseas.

Had a good opportunity after the day to simply fellowship with the pastor and his wife – tremendous people of God and great, loving leaders for their people here. We ended up at a Mexican restaurant in another city and had a few hours just to unwind and review the day and even speak about some other concerns regarding ministry and churches. BY the time we arrived back home we simply said goodnight as we were all needing personal space and sleep.

Today I am preaching at the Four Square Gospel Armenian Church in Glendale at 10:00a and then at 2:00p I am at Revival Rains Church also in Glendale. Then we are done for the day – at least that is what the schedule for the day states. However, I am remaining seriously doubtful about an evening “off” and so want to be flexible.

The visit is over – tomorrow morning a time to debrief and go for a coffee in the downtown area and then head to the Bob Hope Airport in Burbank and begin the journey home. Tight connection in Denver so prayers appreciated.

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