Sunday Has Dawned in Kazakhstan

It has been a good day. We met with the leaders of two churches who share the same apostolic leader. There was teaching, questions and answers sessions, prophetic ministry, and even a meeting with the key leader afterward the day’s event. It was a long day, the building was cold, but the people’s hearts were open and warm towards the things of The Lord.

Tonight – a brief meeting of the team to debrief and then a short time to discuss Sunday as we still have not nailed down the topic for one of the three sessions that are scheduled. The morning is a local service in a church in the village of Arna. The afternoon and evening are int he same building but will be for the leaders of the church I n Arna as well as the church in Erkin who will be coming out to join us. Again, because the apostle for both churches is the same man.

Please pray for these late night meetings and then for the services and leadership training going on all day Sunday. Most likely there will be a late night meeting after everything ends as we area till planning out our last two days here due to a number of new things being added.

Your prayers are appreciated. Thanks for supporting us by your prayers. God is honouring your prayers and moving in many neat ways here every day.

Picture: Some of the 40 leaders from 2 local churches in Almaty area

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