Sunday and Monday – Kazakhstan

Tremendous day here in Kazakhstan. Three services. Generally full for the first, smaller for the second as immediately after lunch. Full house and overflowing for the third…standing room in the doors in the rain only. Taught twice of the three times and ministered prophetically at all three. Tired tonight. Just finished a meeting with my team and also have been working on Facebook with our national host sorting out some small conflicts in timetables for the next two days.

Tomorrow I meet with the head of the Assemblies of God churches in kazakhstan as we work out some details that will allow me to work with the wider ministry of this denomination on my next visit. It is a matter of what type of visa I come into the country with. Paperwork, effort, and money but very doable and very wise in the long run. Will change much of what I am able to do as well as expand the impact of my ministry in this nation in 2014…

At the same meeting I will be discussing a travelling ministry his wife (one of my interpreters) is launching – teaching and singing. Se is interested in how to launch such a ministry and any pitfalls to avoid and things to watch for. I can certainly help and so agreed several days ago to meet with them, listen and offer advice. Then in the evening I am working with New Generation churches and preaching and ministering at a service they have begun for Gypsies…a new experience for me. They had planned a time with their church leaders to meet with me but have cancelled that as the leaders could not get time off work on such short notice.

Please pray for the three hour meeting during the lunch hour and the evening service. And, the team’s preparation to head home late Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning – packing, sorting, and getting all the lose ends tired up for the visit. Your prayers, as always, are appreciated.

Picture: Part of the crowd at the third meting (service) today in the Village of Arna.

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