Summer Time and the Living Is Easy

It is summer and thoughts turn to slowing down, spending more time away from work and just relaxing, and enjoying the benefits of the weather as well as the hard work we have been involved in over the fall, winter, and spring. It is summer time, after all, and the living is suppose to be easier if not easy.

Summer time is also a good time to review life – life in general and your spiritual life. This might make the summer time a little less easy. But, it would make good use of the slower pace of summer and the great weather. And, if you make the effort and use some of the good summer weather to take a few slow, meditative walks or drink that extra latte slowly as you sit staring at a summer camp fire in the yard… you will benefit greatly in the long run and into the new season that will soon be upon us. You will benefit greatly if…

1> You are really honest with yourself
2> You look deep enough into your heart – your motives, your attitude, your goals and dreams – being honest and real with yourself
3> You listen for the voice of God as you review your life and look inside
4> You record what you find and what the Lord speaks
5> You boil all this down to some action steps that you need to take, some goals that have measurable results and a time frame
6> You make some decisions and then carry them out

Plato the Greek philosopher once said, “An unexamined life is not worth living.” And the summer time is a good time to examine life – not just what is on the surface (budgets, friendships, activities, timetables) but what is on the inside way down deep. You know, the real you! Have a look, make some changes. You will be glad that you did.

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