Summer Suggestions – Summer Bible Journey #2

If you have joined me in journeying through the Bible in 2 months you will, by now, have read 57 chapters. You will have found yourself amazed that you actually read that much of the Bible in that short a time period.

Most of us find it difficult in our fast-paced world to even have a regular devotional time. We realize that so many things squeeze out our planned Bible time on any given day. Good things, family things, important things. Nevertheless, we often lose more daily devotional times than we actually keep in any given week.

Even if we are faithful and manage our daily Bible reading and devotional time – our reading time is realtively short. We manage a chapter or so on any given day. This helps our spirit to be fed and stay alive spiritually but it does not give us the big picture of how God has and is interacting with mankind on a daily basis.

But, in the slower summer months when we sit out a bit more, BBQ in the back yard, ride our bikes, go for walks in the park, sit by the pool (backyard version or at a regional or provincial park) – maybe now is a good time to take a run at reading the Bible from cover-to-cover and become familiar with its wonderful (and true) stories once again.

Each year as summer approaches I go on-line and purchase a new Bible to use for my summer reading blitz. I purchase a version I have not read or don’t normally use. And, I buy one that is packaged in a compact way. It then fits in the sack on my bike, easily goes in my lunch bag when heading out to the beach or the park, is portable so I can take it when I go to walk the dog… you get the idea.

So, my dog and I go for three long walks a day – total of 10 miles or so. On the two during daylight hours I take my Bible. Two thirds of the way to the turn-around point there is a nice grassy slope and a stream as well as some shade trees. So, we walk and enjoy the trail we are on – then we sit, have a diet coke (he drinks water I have brought for him) and I read my Bible. Cooking supper on the BBQ – I can read 5 to 10 chapters in the time it takes to slow cook (slow on purpose, of course) the steaks. Because it is lighter earlier in the summer – and warmer – I get up sooner than I normally would, grab a coffee, and head out to the lawn chair to enjoy being outdoors and to, you guessed it, read my Bible.

Summer is a great time (although short) to be intentional about Bible reading. So, grab a smaller Bible that fits into your purse or knapsack and is fairly portable and take it with you everywhere you go. Use your spare minutes wisely and you will be amazed at how much of the Bible you can actually read in any given two month period.

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  1. Karen
    Karen says:

    I like your suggestion, so I have been ‘following along’. I started in Daniel and have read 76 chapters now so I have completed Zechariah this morning.
    I have a problem though. How do you stop yourself from digging? I love to read the Bible, but when I come across a question or something that ‘catches’ me, I want to chase it to understand what is being said.
    I have been trying to train my brain to understand that “early in the morning we just read” and “after supper we study”.
    Haven’t quite come to an agreement with my brain yet!

  2. Ralph
    Ralph says:


    I can understand the frustration of wanting to chase things you are discovering as you read. And, I too always want to dig deeper and study and chase various things as I am reading. But stay focused and remember the purpose of the summer journey is to, once again, grab hold of the big picture of God’s interaction with humankind.

    One thing I do that helps is I mark my Bible in the margin with a pencil. I put my initials when something speaks to me personally (a logos becomes a rhema); a “B” in a box means go back and enter your thoughts into my computerized Bible commentary program, the word “blog” means to enter it later in my blogging program as a rough draft that I go back to later to fill in all my thoughts; a question mark means I have questions about the verse and need to study it later (in your case, in the evening)… you get the idea.

    Create your own simple coding system and then come back days, weeks or months later and you can “study to show yourself approved” when you have the time and the focus of your Bible time has changed because the summer months have ended.

    Blessings on your summer Bible journey.


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