Stop Worrying

As we continue to face major changes in the way we live life due to the Coronavirus commonly known at Covid-19 … I am noticing how many people are worried about what is happening and what they should be doing. This is natural when you think about it. Jobs are being lost. Family income is being effected in adverse ways. Stores are closing. Schools and universities are closed. You can’t go out for coffee or a meal. Life as we know it has been abruptly interrupted. And, the level of concern and worry has gone up.

So, repeat after me: Hakuna matata. It means “no worries. You might think I’m kidding around or that I’ve watched The Lion King one too many time, but that is basically what the Bible says! Look at what Peter writes:

“Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you” (1 Peter 5:7)

When Peter tells us to cast all our anxieties on the Lord, he means that we should take all of what bothers us in this world and what worries us and what gives us ulcers, and we should toss them into the mighty and waiting hands of the Father.

This includes every fear, worry, anxiety, or misgiving we may have about presenting the gospel and receiving rejection. I say this because it is a good time to be speaking to others about the Lord and eternal life. With people dying daily from the virus in almost every country of the world people’s hearts are open and the world is looking for hope. So, it is a great time to speak up and let others know that you are a born again believer. Ad, what exactly it is that you believe.

Are you nervous that the people may say no? Don’t worry about it. Cast your anxiety on the Lord. Are you anxious that a relationship might be ruined because you opened your mouth and told someone about Jesus? Hakuna matata. Give your distress to God.

Because, trust me, He can handle it. He created the world in seven days (technically six: He took a breather on the last one). He split the Red Sea in two. He raised His Son from the dead. I think He can handle a stomach full of butterflies not to mention the effects of the Coronavirus we are all suffering through.

Stop wasting time and energy fretting about how it’s going to turn out. Give every twinge and ounce of nerves to God and do what you have been called to do! Not just during the current crisis we are all involved in and facing daily. But, even after everything returns to normal or near normal, continue to trust God with all the things that worry and concern you. Be free. 

Researchers tell us that 95% of life is out of our control. So, stop worrying about and being anxious over everything that is happening. Focus and concentrate on the 5% that is within your control and move on with life. Leave the other 95% to God, our Heavenly Father. He is still in control and is very capable of taking care of things if we just let Him do so.

Stop worrying!