Step Out In Faith

“For the Lord would say…” Words that are music to my ears. And, for the last four days I have been honored to be travelling with a gift to the Church – a true prophet of God and so I have heard those words many, many times.

We need to hear from God. Of course, every born again believer hears from God for the Lord Jesus states: “My sheep – that’s us – can hear my voice”. But, then the Holy Spirit uses a prophet or an apostle to bring long-term life and ministry direction into our spirit or heart. They reveal the plans and the purpose of God for an individual. Their words release life into our inner man and, as they speak, power is released to activate God’s destiny for your life. It never ceases to amaze me.

It never ceases to amaze me. God speaking to His children. God involved in the daily details of our lives. God speaking to our potential and what it is that He wants us to do with Him and for Him. Amazing.

“For the Lord would say” speaks to our potential; to what is possible; to what can be if we cooperate with what God wants to accomplish. That means we need to pray about what God has revealed, think about what was said, get some input from others who understand the working of the Holy Spirit and the prophetic, fulfill any conditions spoken within the Word and then become proactive and begin to step out in faith with the wisdom that comes from listening to a multitude of counselors.

If you do nothing – nothing will happen. The Word will fall to the ground and not bear fruit. I see it all the time. Potential never reached. Possibilities lost forever. Lives not changed in spite of having heard a Word from Almighty God. Sad!

Prophecy is a great blessing and can change a person forever. However, it is up to the person who received the Word to release the full potential of that Word. Many never do. That grieves the Holy Spirit as it literally means we “despise prophecy” and that is something the Bible warns again.

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