Step Off the Paved Road

As we approach a new year with all the new opportunities that will come with it – opportunities for you to impact the world for Jesus – I suggest to you that it is time to step off the paved road. As I look back at the last few years of my life and the rapid expansion of my ministry in the former Soviet Union I believe it would have never happened had I not left my comfort zone and stepped off the well-worn and known paved road.

2012 is about the happen and if you always do what you have always done you will always get what you have always gotten. Poor English but true nonetheless. It is time to step off the paved road. It is time to embrace a new journey unless, of course, you like what you are seeing and experiencing in your personal life. God has set before you a wonderful new year of life and is inviting you to embrace the journey He has planned for your life. And, if you do just that, you will certainly impact others and the world for Him and His Kingdom. And, you will need to step off the paved road.

What does it mean to step off the paved road and embrace a new journey? It means leaving the well-paved road where the majority of people you know travel and heading down a less traveled road. It means leaving the herd (crowd) and maybe traveling alone or with a small band of like-minded people. It means getting dirty because once off the pavement you are now traveling down dirt roads and endless trails. It may mean going where no one has gone before or, at the least, going where there are no signposts telling you what is up ahead.

What does it mean to step off the paved road? It means doing things differently and entering into an adventure. It means walking with others whom you would not have naturally chosen to walk with. It means doing things you have never done before or maybe doing things you would normally do and doing them differently. It means walking by faith and most certainly leaving any comfort zone of the usual and the predictable that you have been use to. It means trusting God and giving up what many of the things that you take as your right to have and enjoy. It means embracing people who are different than you and learning to love each one of them. It means radical change in your values and your priorities. It literally means stepping out and risking failure but knowing you will learn and grow in the process.

In 2012 true disciples of the Lord will be called by the Holy Spirit to step off the paved road and to enter into a new journey walking where they have not walked before. In preparation for the call it would be good to tell the Lord that the answer is “yes” even though you have yet to hear the question. Trust Him!

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