Squashed, Squeezed and Emptied

To keep the spiritual fires burning -and to remain passionate about the Lord and His work of soul winning or seeking and saving the lost (which is now our mandate) we need to be squashed, squeezed and emptied.

We tend to think (and thus our theology often is) “come to God, and He’ll help you and fix you.” But if you read the Bible with spiritual understanding you know it is more like: “Come to God, and He’ll ruin you (in the most wonderful and best sort of way).”

When Isaiah saw the Lord in the temple, he said, “Woe to me, I’m ruined”. Another version (NCV) reads “destroyed“. Not fixed – not prosperious – not healed – but ruined or destroyed. That doesn’t preach well and certainly won’t sell a lot of CDs. Isaiah’s experience of coming to the Lord and seeing Him squashed the young man flat, squeezed out all his pride, emptied him of selfish-ambition. And then, a few verses later when God asked who can I send, Isaiah answered, “send me” and God agreed and did just that. And a truly great prophetic ministry was launched. That is how every true believer needs to be ruined – squashed, squeezed, emptied. Destroyed!

People who have one or more of the supernatural gifts flowing in their lives – and have not had an encounter with the living God and so are unbroken – are simply dangerous. Gifted and broken – they are very usable and wonderful to have in a local church. Gifted and unbroken – dangerous to themselves, others and the local church. I believe this is why we see a number of national ministries in trouble and why the Church suffers through one disgrace after another.

Todd Bentley is, once again, back in the news. And, he is one of many current examples. Barely divorced he marries the young intern that he was having an affair with. Still in disciplinary action under three leaders within the Church in the United States (I think they have finally settled on who he is submitting to and who he is accountable to) they are already talking about his return to ministry and Rick Joyner is raising funds for the launch of Fresh Fire USA which is Todd’s new ministry. Todd is anointed but not broken. Gifted but dangerous. And, as someone who has watched the circus we call the Charismatic Church now for over thirty years I would tell you we are in trouble (and heading towards more trouble) once again.

Leaders and all believers, to be usable by the Lord like Isaiah was, need to be squashed, squeezed and emptied of self so that when the Lord is looking for someone to accomplish a task for the Kingdom we can say “Here I am” and find ourselves commissioned by the Lord to accomplish His work.

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