Spiritual Truths?

As an apostle my calling includes laying proper doctrinal foundations in the Church – teaching the basics that Christians are to believe and that form the basic beliefs of the Christian faith.

My task as an apostle is to let the Church know the things that Christians believe – things that are true and that form the foundation for life and freedom as God sees it.

My job as a believer is to “earnestly contend for the faith once delivered to the saints” (Jude 3) and this means knowing what the basic believes (doctrines) of the Christian faith are (what makes us unique and different than “religion”) and to get out there in the world and fight to defend these doctrines and spread them from person-to-person and nation-to-nation.

The Christian faith is different than any other “religion” on the planet. What we believe is absolutely different than what any other religious structure believes. In fact – we are not a “religion” and all other belief structures are “religion.” Religion is man’s attempt to reach God and to please God. The Christian faith is God reaching down to man and making a way (to be in relationship with Him) where there was no way. Religion says “do this” – Christianity says: “It’s done!” Totally opposite and opposed to one another.

We do get them all mixed up together however. This is because often the Christian faith is presented as religion. And, because believers often do not know and have not taken the time to know what we, as Christians, believe. Not only does every born again believer need to find out for themselves what the basic doctrines are that form the foundation of “THE faith” but they must also make a decision to believe them, live accordingly and tell others about the faith. Anything less is not acceptable.

The survey:
Recently a survey was done in the United States asking if people agreed with a particular statement.
Below I have listed the percentage of people in different age groups who say thay agree with the statement: The Bible, the Quran and the Book of Mormon offer the same spiritual truths
Ages 18-25 … 56% agreed that they all offer the same spiritual truths
Ages 26-44 … 43% agreed
Ages 45 to 63 … 45% agreed
Ages 64 and up … 33% agreed

We are losing our younger generations … the oldies, such as myself, who grew up going to Church and had a Bible (even if we did not read it) and worked from some “Christian consciousness” still know deep in our hearts that the Bible is God’s truth and that it reveals His absolutes and standards by which we are to live and operate. However, with each passing generation, this belief is not as firm or held by as many people … reaching today’s generation where over half obviously think that religion is religion and that Christianity and its holy book is fairly much the same as any other religion. We have not passed on the truth – the message of the Gospel and God’s heart – to the next generation and then the next and then the next. This is really seen in some statistic I will share in tomorrow’s blog …

What went wrong? And what will set it right again? You tell me (Right below is a box for your thoughts and opinions)….

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  1. Louise
    Louise says:

    Standing up for the truth – Rebutting the lies instead of ignoring them seems to be the right thing to me. I was thinking about it last night . When I was 8 or 9 my cousins asked if I believed in evolution. I said yes because that was what my teacher told me at school. No one spoke to me about the conflicting ideas that knocked the Creation. I believed in Creation too. It wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I really understood that the two ideas are completely incompatible because I never really took the time to see what evolution was really saying. I have decided that to know what the opposition is saying is important to knowing how to combat their lies.
    By that I mean the general premise not really spending too much time on it. The Empty Tomb of Jesus verses the Lost Tomb of Jesus. There is a new battle front out there that we didn’t really prepare for in Seminary. The lies are the same but the delivery of those ancient lies are so much more in your face now. I am determined to speak the truth and to warn people so they can be prepared to answer the questions that are being asked out their.


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